中科院上海微系统所2020前沿实验室招聘启事 Young Investigator (research group leader) Positions for 2020 X-Lab


一、  招聘職位:

青年研究員(Young Investigator, YI, 課題組負責人) 


二、  招聘平台介紹:

2020前沿實驗室(2020 X-Lab)是由中科院上海微系統研究所發起的創新型國際化基礎科研平台,平台致力于推動研究所前沿基礎研究,爲青年研究人員提供自主,寬松的科研環境。





1. 原位電子結構研究,包括但不限于原位X射線譜學、自旋電子學 、強關聯電子系統 、表面催化反應機理、儲能材料反應機理等;

2. 量子材料與器件,包括但不限于拓撲材料、超導材料、低維材料與器件等;

3. 生物-信息交叉技術,包括但不限于集成生物半導體、合成生物電子學、類器官芯片、人機交互與腦機融合、DNA測序、存儲及計算等;

4. 其他顛覆性技術,包括未來有可能有助于我國未來發展的高風險、高收益原創性前沿基礎技術,通信技術以及計算、設計、仿真等我國急需的軟科學技術。






請有意應聘者投遞申請書至:X-Lab@mail.sim.ac.cn,主題爲“申請2020前沿實驗室職位:青年研究員”。申請書以單份PDF文件形式彙編,應包含完整的個人履曆(CV)、描述研究興趣和目標的求職信(research statement, 2 pages limit)、出版物的完整清單(publication list)、3-5篇代表性科学論文的副本以及三位推荐人的姓名和联系方式(预期将提供推荐信)。








Young Investigator (research group leader) Positions for 2020 X-Lab

Shanghai Institute of microsystem and information technology (SIMIT)

Chinese Academy of Sciences


1. Open positions

Young Investigators (YIs, research group leaders)


2. Introduction of recruitment platform

2020 X-lab is an innovative international research platform initiated by Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Chinese Academy of Sciences, focusing on fundamental scientific research. The platform is dedicated to promoting the frontier basic research of the Institute and providing independent and robust resources and an outstanding intellectual environment for young investigators.


Focusing on innovation and the future development, the laboratorys mission is to cultivate young researchers and fertilize innovative technologies. With the spirit of fair, independent and innovation, we welcome and encourage outstanding young researchers with professional knowledge and great aspirations to join us.


Salary will be competitive and commensurate with your talents (annual salary of 400,000 RMB Yuan, negotiable for candidates with special talents). The laboratory will provide ample development space. Futhermore, corresponding scientific research teams consisting of young researchers in relevant scientific research fields, would be provided by the institute in order to help YIs form research groups.


For each research group, 3-5 million RMB Yuan of start-up funds and continuous and stable research funding support would be provided annually. The laboratory encourages its investigators to exploit their imagination and creativity in the process of scientific research and gives them full freedom to conduct scientific research. The laboratory has state-of-art resources and an outstanding environment for scientific cooperation and exchanges with institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other universities. Thus, the 2020 X-Lab is an ideal place for YIs to realize their ideas and start their careers.


The main research areas of 2020 X-lab include:

1) In-situ electronic structure research, including but not limited to in-situ X-ray spectroscopy, spin electronics, strongly correlated electronic systems, surface catalytic reaction mechanism, energy storage material reaction mechanism, etc


2) Quantum materials and devices, including but not limited to topological materials, superconducting materials, low-dimensional materials and devices, etc


3) Bio-information cross technology, including but not limited to integrated biosemiconductor, synthetic bioelectronics, organoid chips, human-computer interaction and brain-computer fusion, DNA sequencing, storage and computing, etc


4) Other transformative technologies, including high-risk and high-yield original frontier basic technologies, communication technologies, computing, design, simulation and other soft science technologies that we may urgently need in the future.


3. Recruitment Requirements

2020 X-lab sincerely invites outstanding young researchers in the above research fields to apply for young investigator positions:


Successful applicants should hold doctorates in relevant fields, and have high-quality of achievements (e.g. publications), excellent scientific literacy and outstanding scientific vision in the above fields. In addition to professional capabilities, we also value applicants' strong interest and research spirit in their professional fields, as well as good teamwork ability. This call for applications is particularly targeted at young scientific researchers. Thus, in principle, applicants should not exceed 31 years of age (except for those who are extraordinarily outstanding, this limit can be extended to 34).


Interested applicants should submit an application package to: X-Lab@mail.sim.ac.cn, with the theme "Applying for the 2020 X-lab Position: Young Researcher". The application package should be compiled in a single PDF file, which should include a complete curriculum vitae (CV), a research statement describing research interests and goals (2 pages limit), a complete publication list, a copy of 3-5 representative scientific papers as well as the names and contact information of three referees (recommendations are expected).



Shanghai Institute of microsystem and information technology Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIMIT)

March 20, 2020